Why Oral Cancer Is Increasing in India

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Why are the cases of Head & Neck Cancer increasing in India? It has been identified that in past few years the cases of Head & Neck Cancer are growing rapidly in our country.

Why is it so? In this video, Dr. Amit Chakraborty (M.S. Gen. Surgery, M.Ch. Oncosurgery) will guide us about this topic.

Oral Cancer In india

Tobacco addiction is the most important cause of Head & Neck Cancer. Not everyone who consumes tobacco suffers from cancer but the probability of them having Head & Neck Cancer surely spurges. Also, some patients who don’t have an addiction history still get diagnosed with Head & Neck Cancer. This is mostly due to

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Irregular or ill-fitting dentures
  • Bad dietician
  • Human Papilloma Virus

HPV-induced virus can be prevented with the help of vaccines. Everyone between the age of 9 to 36 is eligible for this vaccine & should consider taking it soon if you have not.

These are some insights which everyone should look after that can help them stay healthy, for more details watch the full video.

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