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What are the various treatment options for Head and neck cancer? In this video, Dr. Amit Chakraborty (M.S. Gen. Surgery, M.Ch. Oncosurgery) will shed light on different types of treatments to cure head & neck cancer.

The standard treatment for Head and neck cancer is surgery. In which, the cancer-affected part is taken out completely so that it does not spread any further.

According to the outcome of this operation, doctors suggest the patients undergo either radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

The treatment of cancer depends on the stage of cancer

  • Early-stage cancer can be successfully treated only with surgery.
  • To treat 2nd, 3rd, or early 4th stage cancer radiation or chemotherapy are mandatory

These are standard procedure guidelines followed by doctors worldwide.

After completing the treatment patient must consult their doctors for the next 5 years. to avoid recurrence. Only after 5 years. of successful treatment, you’re called a cancer survivor. To know more watch the full video.

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