Does Oral Cancer Occur Only at a Specific Age?

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Head and neck cancer is a common form of cancer that impacts a lot of patients every year. As a leading head and neck cancer specialist, people often ask us, “IS there any specific age when head and neck cancer occurs?” This question is very common, and hence today, we will address this question in this brief article.

Relation Between Head and Neck Cancer and Age

There is no relation between age and head and neck cancer. It can occur to any individual, irrespective of their age. We have treated a child of 10 years and even a patient over 100 years of age. So, there is no specific age when head and neck cancer occurs.

Almost 30% of oral malignancies occur in patients who do not have any type of addiction. One of the most common reasons is the Human Papillomavirus. Another reason is uneven dentures. 

If your teeth are not aligned, and they are rubbing with your buccal mucus can cause a wound that can result in head and neck cancer. Poor oral hygiene might also lead to this condition. 

In short, this issue can arise in any age group, whether a child, middle-aged or senior citizen.

In the past, the majority of head and neck cancer patients were men. But recently, the number of female patients has been rising rapidly. Some females get cancer due to excessive use of tobacco, while some are affected by Human Papillomavirus. 

Remember, the latter can be prevented by up to 95% with the three vaccines for the Human Papillomavirus.

Cancer occurring in younger individuals is quite aggressive, so it has to be treated aggressively. The reason is a younger patient has a long life ahead. So cancer has to be treated aggressively.

Some females with a thyroid tumour take tablets for it and don’t get a proper diagnosis. 

We regularly treat patients with thyroid cancer that has spread to other organs due to the ignorance and negligence of the patient. So if you have swelling in your thyroid, you should immediately consult a specialist. 

And if your head and neck cancer doctor in Mumbai recommends surgery to remove that thyroid tumour, don’t ignore it. Because there is a probability that this tumour can convert into a cancerous tumour.

Some younger patients suffer from Phleomorphic Adenoma, commonly known as parotid swelling. It’s a benign lesion, but if left untreated, it might get converted into a maligning lesion. 

In individuals like singers and teachers who extensively use their vocal cords, it’s important to get any change in voice examined by a doctor. The change in voice is an early sign of vocal cord cancer. There is no age limit to vocal cord cancer; hence, you should be aware.

In a nutshell, if you think a young child of 10 years of age can’t get cancer, you are mistaken. Similarly, if you feel that an 85-year-old cancer patient can’t be cured, you are mistaken again! It can be cured if you reach out to the right Oral cancer specialist at the right time.

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Wrapping Up

It’s important to understand that there is no specific age when head and neck cancer can occur.

Moreover, it doesn’t occur only in those individuals who consume tobacco and alcohol. The reason is that 30-40% of head and neck cancer patients do not have any addiction.

So, if your head and neck cancer have any doubt that you might have head and neck cancer symptoms, you should consult a head and neck cancer specialist immediately. Remember, early diagnosis plays a vital role in treating any form of cancer.

Remember, early diagnosis plays a vital role in treating any form of cancer. In case you have any doubts related to head and neck cancer, you can get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to assist. 

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