Can Homeopathy Cure Head and Neck Cancer?

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When diagnosed with cancer, patients often look for multiple treatment alternatives. A lot of patients come to us, seeking an answer to the most common question, “Can Homeopathy cure Head and Neck Cancer?”.

Before we move ahead to the answer, it’s important to know that in the case of Head and Neck Cancer, surgery is the gold standard for treatment if the cancer is in an early or operable stage. After surgery, chemoradiation is mandatory if recommended by your doctor based on the Histopathology Report.

Coming to our question, Homeopathy cannot cure cancer 100%. But in the case of terminally ill patients (patients who have advanced-stage cancer), Homeopathy might help manage pain, stomach ache, and other chronic issues. But we have not experienced any case where cancer has been cured 100% with Homeopathy.

So if you come to know about someone who could cure their cancer 100% with Homeopathy, they might not be wrong. You can try their treatment. But we believe that taking Allopathy treatment at the right time can give you 100% results.

Homeopathy might be helpful only when cancer has advanced to stage 4. It can help:

  •   Manage pain
  •   Manage swallowing difficulties
  •   Maintain Calcium levels
  •   Give abdominal pain relief

Parting Thoughts

Homeopathy might help give medications without any side effects to terminally ill patients. It’s very important to know about these facts. We have observed numerous stage 1 patients who opt for an alternative treatment. Ultimately, their condition worsens and reaches an advanced stage when they return to us. This is the stage where offering a 100% cure is impossible.

So we strongly recommend contacting a Head and Neck Cancer specialist in Mumbai immediately if you are diagnosed with cancer. Follow their treatment guidelines, and you will definitely get good results.

Feel free to talk to us if you or any of your loved ones are dealing with Head and Neck Cancer. We will offer you the right guidance and assistance. 

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