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  • Ram Kumar

Dr. Amit Chakraborty and his team are kind, personable and light hearted which is so important to patients who come across the word cancer. My father was recently diagnosed with cancer. He was scared and was not sure how he will go through with this life changing treatment. To a big surprise, Dr. Amit and his team made it so easy for my father to understand this! They explained him everything in complete detail without skipping or rushing through the initial consultation appointments. Thanks to Dr. Amit who is still giving treatment to my dad.

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  • Vandana Sharma

Best Cancer Surgeon. Dr Amit Chakraborty is a very kind, supportive and skillful Cancer Surgeon. He has treated and cured numerous complicated Throat, Neck and Mouth cancer cases successfully.

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  • Pranit Patil

A special thanks to Dr Amit Chakraborty, Amit Cancer Care, one of the finest Oncosurgeons in India and such a delightful personality! I simply cannot thank him much for his relentless efforts in treating my father. He has a magic in his words while explaining things calmly. He is the one who boosted confidence in the 1st visit itself and everything sounded so easy after in his presence. All the best Dr.Amit for your future endeavors!

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